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Workers’ Compensation Systems provide injured workers basic benefits in all 50 states. In Missouri, these include: (1) Medical treatment which is to be provided until the effects of the injury are "cured and relieved;" (2) Temporary Total Disability Payments (TTD)which is a weekly check for those that are unable to work while being treated; and (3) Permanent Partial or Permanent Total Disability Check (PPD/PTD) which is the lump sum settlement paid at the end of the treatment and based upon the employee's permanent impairment.

Although many workers, as well as many attorneys, believe that workers' compensation is a simple system please understand that it is not. It is critically important that you hire a lawyer or law firm that is experienced with the system and spends significant time at The Division of Workers’ Compensation offices.
If you are injured on the job, by a single event, repetitive use injury, or even a chemical exposure, you are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim.


As of 2005, Missouri requires work-accidents to be "unusual."  This means that if you are hurt doing something that you do all day - they may deny you coverage.  Please do not forget to explain that something unusual occurred (i.e. - you slipped, the box was heavier than normal, that you dropped an item and tried to catch it, etc.)  


Be sure to follow these steps:
Report the injury to your supervisor or HR department.
Do this in writing as soon as you are able.
Make sure you are clear that the injury occurred while performing a function of your job.


Ask your employer for medical attention. It is critical that you document how the accident occurred as well as your complaints.

Do not exaggerate your injury, but do NOT forget to mention problems you are having no matter how slight. Each body part is considered separately in a workers’ compensation claim.

Call an attorney as soon as you are able. The law has gotten more complicated since August of 2005, and you WILL NEED advice.

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